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Feeling Down? Dig Out Your Favorite Photos!

American author Eudora Welty once said, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” Many of us have boxes of these moments in closets, albums full of them on bookshelves, and hard drives loaded with them on computers and cell phones—not to mention the ones on our walls.

Framed photographs can enhance a room. Scrapbooked prints can entertain visitors. Cell phone snaps can remind us of things we don’t want to forget. But they’re all good for so much more—boosting our spirits and generating happiness in at least four ways.

1. They remind us of things we love. Life gets more than a little hectic at times, and it’s all too easy to forget about the good things—the things we love. Snapshots serve as a constant, welcome reminder.

2. They help us remember. Whether they’re pictures of family, a great vacation or a favorite pastime, looking through them allows us to relive joyous experiences.

3. They allow us to collect without the need to buy. Why has Pinterest become so popular? I think it’s because pining allows us, virtually, to accumulate beautiful things that bring us joy.

4. They allow us to be creative. When we take photos, we look at the world—and our subjects—in a different light, stimulating creativity.

The image above is from a trip my husband and I took to the Bahamas.  We made an impromptu trip to The Atlantis and caught this breath-taking sunset (nope, not even photo shopped!)

What’s your favorite photo? Why does it bring you joy? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Peace & Love,

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

American writer Richard Bach once said, “True love stories never have endings.” It’s an agreeable thought. What could be more wonderful than loving someone for an eternity? A basketful of kittens would be nice. A pair of the latest Louboutin’s would be divine. A calorie-free slice of decadent dark chocolate cake would be magical. But nothing trumps true love.

Throughout the world, many couples celebrate this love on February 14, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. Some exchange cards, flowers, candy and jewelry. Others go out for a nice dinner together. Material matters aside, they all put aside day-to-day worries and spend time—if only an hour or two—focusing on each other. They should do even more.

Wouldn’t it be better to show those we love how much we care more often? A 2011 survey conducted by popular dating website found that 18 percent of respondents had “experienced feelings of romantic love lasting for 10 years or more.” I believe that number could be much higher if we all took a little time to appreciate and celebrate our special someone every day of the year.

It’s actually pretty easy! Consider these simple suggestions to make every day Valentine’s Day.

  • Think about your relationship. Make a mental list of everything you value about your loved one, your partnership and your life together. Review it daily.
  • Make time to listen. Of course, you want to watch last week’s episode of The Walking Dead on the DVR—we all do. But your relationship is more important than finding out what crazy thing The Governor is going to do next. Make dinner conversation with your partner a priority and enjoy the show later.
  • Fill a need. Loving gifts don’t have to be “special” things. Even filling your loved one’s car with gas can show how much you care.
  • Do someone else’s chore. Take out the garbage, run a load of laundry, fill the dishwasher (the right way). Give your partner the gift of free time—even it’s just a few minutes.

I’d love to hear your tips for making every day special for your loved ones, so please share them in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Want Inner Peace? Try This!

A Year of Less

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t relax in your own home?  Do you have stacks of paperwork, piles of laundry, and pantries stuffed with food you don’t eat?  Do you just feel plain overwhelmed?

If so, you should consider clearing out stuff from your life to make room for more inner peace!  I discovered an awesome site last week, just in time for the New Year.  It’s called A Year of Less.  I read the concept and fell in love!  Instead of a year of more, more, more, let’s focus on a year of less, less, less!

A Year of Less will encourage you to part with things that drag you down.  You can print free worksheets to write down your thoughts and discover which areas of your life you can unclutter.

I printed up the sheets, organized my thoughts, and promptly put my worksheets in a binder.  I knew exactly where I wanted to start first…paper!

I get busy and papers pile up.  Mail, wrapping paper, receipts, you name it.  It’s out in the open and stuffed in drawers.  I’ll be honest, it’s a pain in the butt to go through, but I feel so great when I accomplish even a small task.  I’m also a true believer that once we rid our lives of clutter, we make room from greatness to enter our lives.

Sign up for the email and you’ll be notified of what’s going on with Megan K. Ball, the genius behind this project.  She keeps it real, which I love.  She’s right there with you, holding your hand, helping you along.  You can view her blog posts on what she’s tackling each week.

I beg you to try this and see how you feel.  Let me know what you’d like have less of this year!

Peace, Love, & Happy New Year!


Change is a Bitch

When you think of changing something about your life, like starting a new diet, getting a college degree, or making some other big change, do you ever think…

It’s too difficult.

I feel like I’m the only one pushing myself.

It takes too much time, energy, and effort.

It’s stressful and painful.

Think back to all of the times you wanted to accomplish something, but you gave up.  Why did you give up?  Did any of the above statements cross your mind?  Did all of them cross your mind at once?  Guess what….it’s normal!  Believe me, I’ve been there many times!

Change is a Bitch.  It can really suck.

Here’s the deal-if you want to accomplish anything that’s important to you, you have to tough it out.  I like to call it “growing pains”.  In order to go up to the next level, you have to bust through a layer.  It may make you cry, doubt yourself, maybe even throw a tantrum.  You will feel uncomfortable.

Any sort of goal will have its challenges.  It takes motivation to start eating healthy and learning new recipes.  It takes time and energy to begin a workout program.  Taking classes to improve yourself or to learn something new takes you away from your family.

If we don’t try, we will remain the same.  That statement feels uncomfortable too, doesn’t it?

We have to start feeling comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable. 

Change is a Bitch, but achieving your goal is bliss!  Remember to always be kind to yourself, try to tackle your goal little by little, find support through family, friends, or online, and keep going!

I’d love to know what sort of challenges you’re having with your goals right now.  When is the perfect time to give yourself a pep talk, to remind yourself you are breaking through and reaching a new level (and it’s going to feel uncomfortable, but you can do it)?

In the comments let me know your challenges and how you will push through them.

Know someone who needs a little push?  Share this bitch slap with them!  It’s all in love!

Peace & Love,


One Easy Trick to Transform Your Life

Feeling stressed?  Can’t seem to stay on track with your diet?  Having a difficult time dealing with someone or something?

Sounds like you might benefit from mantras.

One of my favorite ways to set the tone for my day is to say a mantra.  A mantra can be a word, phrase, syllable, or sound that you say out loud, sing, or say mentally to yourself.  Today I’m talking about phrases, similar to affirmations, that steer you in the right direction.  They assist you in taking control of your life and making your dreams a reality.

Mantras can help you during tough times, keep you focused on a goal, help you deal with anxiety, motivate you, or boost your weight loss.  They’ll help you accomplish pretty much anything you want (intriguing and exciting, isn’t it?  Ooh the possibilities!).  Your subconscious mind will magically help you achieve your goals & keep your life moving in the path you choose.

I personally like to sit comfortably with my legs crossed and my hands on my knees, palms facing up (like the picture above).  I close my eyes and focus within.  It only takes a minute to set the tone for the day.

Some example phrases:

“Today I will be energized and stress free”

“I will have a fun, creative day”

“I look fantastic in my size 8 jeans” (focusing on what you want in the future, yet stating it like it’s true today).

“Everything happens in its own time”

“I’m a warrior-I can handle anything that comes my way”

Some tips for success:

Positive words only!  We’re trying to break those annoying self sabotaging thoughts that go round and round in our heads every day!

Repeat the mantra about 3 times.  Use your full attention, really focus on your words.

Don’t stress about picking your mantra.  Close your eyes, open your heart, and listen to what you need that day.

A quiet place is the best to practice.  The trick is to not be distracted by what’s going on around you.

If you forget to do your mantra in the morning, just stop and catch a peaceful minute during the day when you get the chance.  Sometimes mid-day is the best time to figure out what type of mantra you need.  You don’t have to sit in any particular way or place.  You can say your mantra where ever you are-your car, desk, waiting in line at the grocery store.

Need some inspiration?  Google it!  “Mantras for dieting”, “Mantras for Anxiety” and so on.

Remember-your thoughts are very powerful.  Why not have some fun and try to create the best you possible!

Now, go transform your life!

Hey-if you have a favorite mantra let me know in the comments!  Know someone who could benefit from this article?  Please share it!

See you next week!

Peace & Love,