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Want Inner Peace? Try This!

A Year of Less

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t relax in your own home?  Do you have stacks of paperwork, piles of laundry, and pantries stuffed with food you don’t eat?  Do you just feel plain overwhelmed?

If so, you should consider clearing out stuff from your life to make room for more inner peace!  I discovered an awesome site last week, just in time for the New Year.  It’s called A Year of Less.  I read the concept and fell in love!  Instead of a year of more, more, more, let’s focus on a year of less, less, less!

A Year of Less will encourage you to part with things that drag you down.  You can print free worksheets to write down your thoughts and discover which areas of your life you can unclutter.

I printed up the sheets, organized my thoughts, and promptly put my worksheets in a binder.  I knew exactly where I wanted to start first…paper!

I get busy and papers pile up.  Mail, wrapping paper, receipts, you name it.  It’s out in the open and stuffed in drawers.  I’ll be honest, it’s a pain in the butt to go through, but I feel so great when I accomplish even a small task.  I’m also a true believer that once we rid our lives of clutter, we make room from greatness to enter our lives.

Sign up for the email and you’ll be notified of what’s going on with Megan K. Ball, the genius behind this project.  She keeps it real, which I love.  She’s right there with you, holding your hand, helping you along.  You can view her blog posts on what she’s tackling each week.

I beg you to try this and see how you feel.  Let me know what you’d like have less of this year!

Peace, Love, & Happy New Year!


Change is a Bitch

When you think of changing something about your life, like starting a new diet, getting a college degree, or making some other big change, do you ever think…

It’s too difficult.

I feel like I’m the only one pushing myself.

It takes too much time, energy, and effort.

It’s stressful and painful.

Think back to all of the times you wanted to accomplish something, but you gave up.  Why did you give up?  Did any of the above statements cross your mind?  Did all of them cross your mind at once?  Guess what….it’s normal!  Believe me, I’ve been there many times!

Change is a Bitch.  It can really suck.

Here’s the deal-if you want to accomplish anything that’s important to you, you have to tough it out.  I like to call it “growing pains”.  In order to go up to the next level, you have to bust through a layer.  It may make you cry, doubt yourself, maybe even throw a tantrum.  You will feel uncomfortable.

Any sort of goal will have its challenges.  It takes motivation to start eating healthy and learning new recipes.  It takes time and energy to begin a workout program.  Taking classes to improve yourself or to learn something new takes you away from your family.

If we don’t try, we will remain the same.  That statement feels uncomfortable too, doesn’t it?

We have to start feeling comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable. 

Change is a Bitch, but achieving your goal is bliss!  Remember to always be kind to yourself, try to tackle your goal little by little, find support through family, friends, or online, and keep going!

I’d love to know what sort of challenges you’re having with your goals right now.  When is the perfect time to give yourself a pep talk, to remind yourself you are breaking through and reaching a new level (and it’s going to feel uncomfortable, but you can do it)?

In the comments let me know your challenges and how you will push through them.

Know someone who needs a little push?  Share this bitch slap with them!  It’s all in love!

Peace & Love,