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Steal a Gift This Christmas

Our family has a fun Christmas Eve tradition that we lovingly call “The Bag Game”.  It’s also known by other names like Steal a Gift, White Elephant Exchange, or Naughty Santa.  We always have a blast and lots of laughs.  There’s always cool gifts, gift cards, and lots of funny, inappropriate gag gifts.  Most importantly it’s entertaining and a great way to spend quality family time.

Here’s what you do: Place small gifts into brown paper bags.  Try to pick gifts that get laughs, are useful, or things that people want.  Don’t tell people what’s in your bags, you want it to be a surprise.  Sit on the floor in a circle and pile all the gifts in the middle.  Somebody goes first-they pick one bag.  They open the bag and place the gift in front of them.  The person to the left has the choice of either stealing the gift or selecting a bag from the pile.  This continues on around the circle.  If someone has their gift stolen from them they get to steal someone’s gift or pick a bag.  Once everyone is done stealing it goes back to the next person in the circle.  The game ends when the last bag is grabbed.

There’s different variations of the game and you can make the rules fit your needs.  You might want to tell people how many gifts to bring and/ or a money limit.

The most important part is to have fun and enjoy spending time with the family. :)

Peace & Love,